About Paul T. Owens


Paul T. Owens is a writer of a diverse range of subjects. After receiving his Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of Southern California and attending Columbia University's Writers Program, he coauthored a book on American linguistics in 1970, followed by a sports art book for the Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada.


In 1976, he began writing features for the New York Times, and the following year started writing a series of three books with National Football League personalities; one on an NFL official, the other two with the coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys, under the leadership of Tom Landry.


Five years later, he became Senior Staff Writer, and Public Relations Supervisor for Peter V. Ueberroth of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee; his responsibilities included writing articles for the Los Angeles Times. After the 1984 Olympic Games he continued with the Olympic movement serving as Public Service Coordinator for the 1988 United States Olympic Committee. He also wrote for the ESPYs Awards, and served as a consultant for movies and television productions.


Since that time he has been writing more books, many of which are available for purchase on Amazon.com and on this site by clicking here.