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Stories Along the Way

Paul T. Owens has written ten books, ranging from sports to humor. In this book, Stories Along the Way, he writes of growing up in Beverly Hills in the 1950s, makes short snap- shot stories and observations, and creates scenes from the world of sports. He also includes short poetic pictures of education.


Life on Your Own Terms

Life on Your Own Terms is a dictionary of succinct new terms to assist everyone in defining their own life and existence.

"A very delicious dictionary."—B. Bierce, Antiquity Booktionarium

Survival Guide for an Impossible World

Survival Guide for an Impossible World is a satirical quest to identify and explain how to endure within an impossible world. From being single, laughter-only diets, how not to wait for anything, and words you must learn to be successful in the workplace, Owens makes living easier for anyone.

“Conservatives and liberals can finally agree on something . . . This book.” —Political Context Forum

Firsts in Sports: Winning Stories

This book takes you on a panoramic tour of sports, from the first game ever played, to the people who were the first at their positions on their fields of play. These are the insightful stories behind the excitement we see in every game, of those who managed the events, and those who played to entertain and to win. And most importantly, those who were there first.

“My good friend and great writer.”
—Jim Murray, Los Angeles Times

Sports Joys and Gifts of Play

A book about all sports, from the perspective of the athlete and the fan; one page sketches of football, the Olympics, basketball, baseball, among others.

“A most moving experience. A chance to look at and feel the competition, excitement, and pain of athletic endeavor from the very special perspective of poetry.”
—Merlin Olsen, Pro Football Hall of Fame, All-Pro Defensive Lineman, Los Angeles Rams

Under the First of Circumstance

The stories of a teacher and his high school students; a depiction of the individuals and the tensions, the reality and the conflicts that involve all.

“Mr. Owens is a very fine teacher. He is a loyal and dedicated member of my staff. He is an asset to our school.”
—Edward C. Moore, Principal Compton High School


Previous Books

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Don’t Hit Him, He’s Dead

The biography of famed National Footbal League referee John Mc Donough, the first official hired by the American Football League in 1959. This collaboration discusses the stories of officials in the League, how they work with the players they officiate. Introduction by Deacon Jones, All-Pro Defensive End, National Football League.

Who’s Kicking Now

The story of All American football player Ben Agajanian, player and coach of several professional football teams: the Green Bay Packers, the Los Angeles Dons and Rams, the San Diego Chargers, the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys among them.

The Kicking Game

The story of three types of kicking in football; instructions on how to kick, and the evolution of the kicking game in professional football. Co-authored with Ben Agajanian. Introduction by Tom Landry, National Football League player, and coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Leaners Out of the Wind

An art-poetry book about Olympic sports done for the 1976 Olympic Games. Designed with art by Claudia J. Sobel.

Black Language

A dictionary of words, syntax, grammar of local Afro-American communities in the 1960s and 1970s. Co-authored with Professor Malachi Andrews of University of California--Berkeley and California State University Hayward.